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Teresa Canive
Written by Teresa Canive

Manage your teams' resources and workload

Control all the work that has been planned or spent by every team member in your projects .

Are you managing the workload of several people?

Sinnaps allows you to manage and visualize the workload of every team member, in every project in which you are a Project Manager (PM) or Project Owner (PO).

You can distribute work knowing if your collaborators are available and can perform more work on the planned days. You can also check if planned hours fit spent ones. Not only you can plan better, but also more realistically.

Have a better control of the work that is being performed by each team member.

NOTE: This feature affects only real users. Data is not available for resources that are not real users.

First access Sinnaps roadmap. There you will be able to see evary single project you are currently working on.

In the roadmap, click on the scale icon in the lower left area of your screen to access the roadmap resource feature..

By doing so, all your projects as a PM or a PO will be display as well as people involved in their teams.

It is possible that this users are also involved in other teams and projects. However this feature will only display information on projects in which you are a TM or a PO.

Start managing your teams' work now!

How to read the workload?

First of all, use the selector shown below to choose between visualizing planed or spent workload (planned by the PM or spent by the team member).

You can also switch from % to hours.

Every project will display a dotted menu button on the right side of the menu.

Just click on the action to download a report or visit the project planning.

Read your teams' workload

In this Example you can see how Diego has been planned for 11% from Monday to Tuesday. Maybe you can plan a bit more workload for those days. Ask him via chat if he can move in some workload from the end of the week.

Note: All % is estimated based in 8 hr shifts.

As you can see in red colour, his week is overloaded from Wednesday to Thursday with up to 118% and 193%. This overload can be a risk for the planning by making it unrealistic. The more opaque the colour is represented, it means the planning is more unrealistic.

By selecting the Spent resource option you will also to see how much time your team really spent on each day.

Go to the project planning or use the "Spent resource" option on themenu by the projects name to see more detail on each activity

Move freely through the panel.

You can move freely along the workload panel by dragging the screen, or by moving the navigator bar in the roadmap and go to the exact day that you want ;-)

Start managing your teams' work