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Diego Bergua
Written by Diego Bergua

Get to know the agile project board

Organize and prioritize all the activities in your projects

The Agile Board in Sinnaps classifies the tasks in all the projects in which you are involved. It separates them in different groups depending if they are completed, late, according to planning or scheduled ahead. 

This board is based on the well-known Kanban techniques. Thanks to it, we can easily see what we should be doing, according to our project planning. Remember in order to have activities in this board you previously had to plan them in the project planner.

Activities in the board are ordered vertically and according to its order of importance in the projects planning. Grouping them by impact and importance and prioritizing them by remaining time. This is why the top activities will be the most critical ones as they have less time to finish or they've been delayed the longer.

Use the Board's filters

If you click on the tab in the left side of the board, you will display a menu with a list of projects and their available filters.

These filters will allow you to filter activities according to the projects you want to see on the board, according to their status or your involvement in them. And by clicking on the briefcase icon next to the project's name, you will directly access the project's planning. 

The Sinnaps Agile board helps to increase productivity as team members just need to check it every day, and see what he should be working on, according to the project's planning.

More things you can do from the Agile Board

Once the planning i set, work can be controlled and managed from the board as as you can

  • Validate activities ckicking on the "Finished button" 

  • See how many days are left in an activity or how many days it has been delayed.
  • See who is involved in each activity.
  • Identify what project they belong to.
  • Create and manage subtasks.
  • See % of finished subtasks
  • See planned and achieved goals
  • Attach documents.
  • Directly enter the projects planning. 
  • Involve other team members in the activity.
  • Chat and communicate with other team members
  • Check the activity log
  • You can also open the activity board in order to see more details as well as managing tasks, involved team or access the projects planning

The agile board in Sinnaps is perfect so the entire team can manage activities in their projects on a daily basis and see what activities are priority according to the planning

Go faster and be more efficient with Sinnaps! :)