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Javier Alcubierre
Written by Javier Alcubierre

Edit and send activity reports

Notify the status of an activity via email.

You can now send an activity report by email. Wether its a Sinnaps user or not, you can press a button and Sinnaps will generate and send a status report of an activity to any email you want.

To do so, Access the activity panel of the activity, then click on the dotted button indicated in the image.

Then select "Activity Report" fucnion 

When you do so, an email report will show up. Check the info in the report and edit it if you need to. Sinnaps by default will add all the information on this activity. However if you do not wish to send all of it, you can remove or add information before sending the email.

When you have finished removing or adding details, enter any valid email in "Send activity report to:" and click on Send report. 

This is the perfect tool if you want to keep someone who is not in your team, updated on the status of a specific activity in your project.