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Diego Bergua
Written by Diego Bergua

Create your own resources

Plan resources and estimate costs

In addition to planning, in Sinnaps you can create resources within activities. In order to do so, just go to the activity panel and click on the icon that creates and manages resources (Shown below). 

There are two types of resources in Sinnaps. Material resources are measured in units such as kg, hours, triips, Km, pallets, hotel nights, etc. or whatever you require.

Work resources are always measured in%. Sinnaps can also convert from% to hours when using this type of resource. To make the conversion, Sinnaps estimates that 100% is equivalent to an 8-hour day.

Here, you can add and delete the resources you need to manage the project, whether they are planned or spent by your team.

Assign costs and plan when they will be required. This way you can estimate the project's budget of your project;)

NOTE: When planning resources, you can also assign a responsible team member ot a date and concept to be reflected in the reports.

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