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Javier Alcubierre
Written by Javier Alcubierre

Change the start date of your project

At some point you maybe want to change the start date of the project you are working on. If you do, take into account that if you do so, activities that depend on the project start date will be rescheduled, as well as all their depending activities.

If you are a Project Manager, you can change the starting date of your project in two different ways. If what you are after is just a simple change in a simple project, you can do it directly on the project planning.

If however you are managing a complex project wit a complex planning and you would rather see the changes before you implement them, you can do it from the testing Mode

From the planning

First of all select the "project overview" tab in the lower left area of your screen.

When doing so, you will display the project's overview

At this point, you just have to go to the project's properties in the lower right side, just by the project's name.

Click on the Start date and select the new one. The change will be performed automatically. This can require complex calculation as it maybe reschedule the entire project so it could take a couple of seconds in long projects.

From the testing mode

When editing the starting date of you project from the testing mode, you make sure that nothing gets modified without your approval. 

Having entered testing mode, access the project overview by clicking on the icon below.

When you do so, the project overview will display a few project properties on the right, Click on the Starting date icon and select a new starting (or ending) date.

NOTE: When being in the testing area, you can also plan your projects according to an end date in stead of a starting date. Doing so makes things a bit more complicated if you are not used to, but it can also bring a lot of advantages.

Before implementing, make sure that all the activities are adjusting properly to your desired change. Edit your planning or your resources to match the new situation and if you are not sure, save the simulation to continue whenever you are sure to handle all the data.

Whenever you are ready...Implement by clicking in the implementation button...Ole!

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