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Diego Bergua
Written by Diego Bergua

Add a time constraint to activities

Start activities on a fix date

Whenever you add an activity to your calendar, you can either place it in a fix date or time constraint, or you can plan it according to dependencies by linking it to other activities.

Remember that activities can be planned according to both, fix dates and dependancies at the same time. Sinnaps will keep both, but if incompatible, dependencies will rule out fix dates.

There are two ways of assigning a fix date to an activity.

Through the activity panel

Click on an activity and access its activity panel. By default activities are planned in "Auto" mode, according ro dependencies. When you click on the calendar icon, just select the desired starting date and Sinnaps will automatically place the activity and all its dependencies.

From the timeline

Whenever you create a new activity by clicking on the "+" button, you can drag the button to the desired date. Let go and Sinnaps will place the activity on that same day.

This is the fastest way to do it!

 If an activity is already created. You can click on it ones to activate it and then drag it to the date you want to place it on.

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