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Teresa Canive
Written by Teresa Canive

Virtual Coach for Project Managers

Personal assessment for your project

Sinnaps Virtual Coach for Project Managers provides personalized assessment on your project's management. It analyzes a series of problems that may endanger the the project, it gives personalized advice on how to improve your management skills, and it also lists the good practices that are being carried out.

Not only can will get advice on your work as a PM but, thanks to your artificial intelligence, you will also know what to do to improve your management skills. The virtual coach analyzes your project every few seconds throughout the entire project. and it is only visible to users with the role of Project Manager in each project.

How to access the Virtual Coach?

Access the Virtual Coach from the tiny traffic light button located bellow the planning. This traffic light also monitors a series of parameters in your project and indicates in an abbreviated manner if there is room for improvement.

How can the Virtual Coach teach us?

Automatically, the virtual coach analyzes hundred of parameters in your project every few seconds to detect problems and suggest potential improvements in your project as a PM. If you perform some of the suggested improvements and you can't wait for the Virtual Coach to review your project, you can force the review by pressing the following button.

This is an example of problems and suggestions that the coach can communicate in just a few seconds. 

You can also click in some of the links suggested to find out more about the suggestions.

How it can also help implementing Sinnaps in our organization

One of the main issues that many users have mentioned us is how difficult is to implement a new tool in a company.

The Virtual Coach knows this and that is why it also offers different tips that could help you out in that task. We've talked to a great lot of users and this are the tips that we've found help the most. But remember most of the work that it takes to implement a new tool is not done in a computer, so the virtual coach can give you tips but you will have to help him out from the "real" world. 

Remember checking the tiny traffic light every now and then. Just because you are doing ok today doesn't mean tomorrow will be fine. Project management is an ongoing task.

So.... what is the different between the Virtual Coach and the performance panel (EVM)?

As well as assessing you on your PM skills, Sinnaps also allows you to measure your project's performance under objective parameters by using Earned Value Management techniques. 

Both functionalities can help you out a great deal but one is to control the project performance and progress (EVM) and the other (Virtual Coach) is to help you improve your skills as a Project Manager.