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Teresa Canive
Written by Teresa Canive

Social wall of events

Put a bit of emotion in your projects

Not only you and your team can be up to date with everything that happens in the projects, but you can also share your thoughts and emotions with your team through Sinnaps social wall of events.

Why should you?

  • Encourage motivation and satisfaction in your team
  • It helps increasing the teams productivity
  • Improves engagement and implementation of Sinnaps in the team
  • Promotes communication, support and continuous support

This is the whole agile board with the social event wall on the right side ...

Communication is key in every team. This is why Sinnaps makes it easy for you to share your thoughts and reactions, and to see how your colleagues are reacting to everything that is happening in your work.

React to project events

As if it was a social network, all events triggered by your team members will be shown in the wall of events. Onces the event is shown you can react to it and express your concern, congratulate or simply let them see that you've seen what they've done. Its always great to see other peoples feedback on your work and tis also great for them to see yours.

This are the reactions that you can simply express at the click of a button when other users do their thing

At the top of the event wall, you'll be able to select wether you want to see every single event thats been triggered or if you want to filter them by the noes caused by you. This last is great to see very reaction you've caused.

Check your notifications

Of course every time someone reacts to something that you've done, you will automatically get a notification in your upper right notification badge. Click on it to see them in detail an to keep them listed.

Remember you can access every single reaction that you've triggered listes in your notification badge

Use notifications to access your projects info

As every reaction is listed and refered to whatever caused it, you can click on the reactions description in order to access the information that caused it. This will make navigation easy and fast.

Are you ready to work on your project the social way? Start sharing your reactions and increase your team's productivity!!