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Javier Alcubierre
Written by Javier Alcubierre

See your project resources in the resource graph

How to control the consumption and availability of your resources

How many resources can I plan in a balanced way? How does the expense of such a resource affect the project? Is this resource available in a specific day? When should we delegate work to other people? You can find the answer to this questions in the resource graph.

María shows us how to manage the resource graph in this article.

But if you prefer to read, here it comes ;)

With Sinnaps you can control the consumption of your resources in your projects. In fact, you can actually compare the behavior of each resource, to which we have access in the project.

After planning or spending resources, we can activate the resource graph. To do so, within the activity panel, we access the resources and click on the graph icon on the top right of each resource.

When clicking on the icon, each resource will be represented to us in the consumption graph. Each one has a color. The activities in which they are planned or spent will appear with a colored dot representing each resource.

If we click on a specific day on the graph, we will get information on the planned or spent resources on that day.

In our example, we have activated four resources in the graph: two people or Work (Iñigo and James) and one Material (Project Resource).

For Work resources we will see the percentage of consumption. Sinnaps understands that 8 hours is a working day and therefore, it is 100%, represented with a in the gray area.

By default, the resource graph appears with its consumption. But we can also see the cost chart if we display this tab.

Remove a resource from the graph, not from the project

To remove a resource from the graph and not from the project, put your mouse over the resource name in the lower area of the graph and a small cross will display over the resource's name. Click on it to remove it from the graph. This is very useful if we are managing many resources and only want to compare some of them.

Daily, accumulated or global resource

By selecting the Global option, we can see the total availability of a resource that is being shared in several projects at the same time.

For example, the planning of a person among all your projects can be 115% for a specific selected day. Knowing this information in advance, the Project Manager can balance their consumption so that it does not exceed 100%, shifting to other activities where that person participates, or claiming their availability from other projects.

If we plan using this graph, we can achieve planning much more in accordance with the available resources. In addition, when comparing data we can also make modifications knowing the impact of these resources on the entire project.