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Teresa Canive
Written by Teresa Canive

Project reports and follow ups

Learn how to keep track of a project on a daily basis.

There are different ways to keep track of a project.

Weekly notifications

Every project manager will receive a weekly report on the general status of every one of his projects. 

Project reports

If you want a more detailed project report, suit yourself ;)

You can generate five different reports:

PDF report with all the current information on the project evolution: This report will shoa all activities, their status, who is responsible and estimated finish date.

PNG image with your timeline: Perfect to reuse in other reports and to have a general information in a glance

Export your project to Excel: This will export all the general information regarding your project activities, subtasks and responsibilities. It will also export the project to a classic Gantt Chart view

Export Planned resources to Excel: Edit the report the way you need it and then export all the data to Excel. This is ideal when you need the data to fill other Aps or CRMs

Export Spent resources: The main difference with the previous report is that Spent resources allows you to see who spent each resource, when and what for. To see this, just visualize the report according to "Users"

This is an example of the project report in PDF. Learn more in this Tip.

Control panel

If you just need to keep trak of the performance for personal and practical purpose and there is no need for a report. The best way to get an objective evaluation on how the project is going is by using the Earned Value Management tools in the Project's performance dashboard.

Check the project's performance:

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