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Javier Alcubierre
Written by Javier Alcubierre

Link activities

There is two ways to create dependencies between activities

  1. From your planning
  2. From the activity panel

From the planning

Select the activity that you want to depend on other to activate it. Then click on the "link icon" on the activity that you want to link it to. When doing so, it is possible that some activities are rescheduled. This is because Sinnaps optimizes the planning after every change.

If you haven't already created the activity, you link it into another as the same time. Drag the botton "+" to link to other activity...

From the activity panel

You can create dependencies by selecting the ¬∑dependency button in the activity panel. 

When creating new dependencies from the activity panel, you can select any of the goals in the project. This way makes it easier. ;)

Just click in the "Add dependency" button and select an activity, a goal or create a new one.

When dealing with a big project, it is easier to manage dependencies from the activity panel.

IMPORTANT: It is possible that Sinnaps doesn't show some activities or goals in the list of possible dependencies. This happens to avoid circular dependencies.

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