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Teresa Canive
Written by Teresa Canive

Find everything you need in your project

Search for activities, resources, goals, tags, documents and subtasks.

Use the search engine in your calendar to locate: activities, resources, goals, documents, tags and subtasks.

To find them, go to the search engine in the lower center area of your project planning. Then select a filter, and write the name of whatever you need to find.

If for example you need to find an activity named "Meeting", click in the search engine. When you do so, a set of filters will be displayed. Select the activity name filter and then click in the search engine to get a list of all the activities in the project. 

Now write the name "Meeting" and click on it:

When you click on it. Sinnaps will highlight your selection in a new alternative gantt-flow, separated from the rest of the project.

Search resources

If we click on the resource filter (The scales) and select a resource, Sinnaps will highlight all activities where that resource is being used in a double flow. It will also open the resource graph and In addition, it will indicate with a colored dot, all the activities where that resource is planned or spent.

This way you will also be able to select a resource and have a nice clean view of all activities in which that resource is being used.

If you donĀ“t remember the name of what you are searching for...

Select the filter that you are interested in. Then click on the empty search engine and sinnaps will display a list of all those elements available in the project. This way you can find a list of all activities, resources, documents, tags, goals and subtasks available in your project.