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Richard Balet
Written by Richard Balet

Delete, finish or leave a project

Leave, delete, freeze or just stop tracking a project.

Before deleting a project, wait and see if you would rather finish it... However, if you want to finish, to delete or to leave a project, you should first go to your project dashboard. To do so, click on the Sinnaps icon in the top left corner of your screen.

Onces in your project dashboard, click on the menu icon on the top left to display a list of all projects in which you are involved. 

To change the project status, select the tree dots on the right side of the project's name to display options. Then, just select what you want to do.

If your project is finished, you will still have access to the info by relaunching it again. But you wont be able to track it in any way as the project is finished and there is no more work going on it.

If you delete a project, you will loose all access to it and all the information will be lost for everyone.

If you leave a project, you just stop participating in it. However in this case the project continues but not accessible to you.

According to your role in the project, you can...

If you are Project Manager, you can delate, finish and leave a project.

If you are Project Owner, you can delate and finish. But you can't leave the project as you are the owner.

And if you are Team Member, you can leave a project, but never finish or delete it.

NOTE: If you decide to finish or delete a project, the new status will be reflected on the project and therefore will apply to the entire team.

Did you know that you can relaunch a project?

Some times and for different reasons, projects can be paused for a while. This is also called to freeze a project. Projects are sometimes paused and continued some time after as if they had never stopped. This is what we call to Relaunch a project. If we Finish a project, we can always relaunch it whenever we want to.

Remember that when you relaunch a project, is very possible that you have to adjust the planning, resources, team or other main project specifications. I recommend that you get directly into the Testing mode and start adjusting before doing anything else.