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Javier Alcubierre
Written by Javier Alcubierre

Copy activities to go faster

Getting starteUse this functionality to repeat activities in your project planning

If you have similar activities throughout your project, you can copy and repeat them in a single click. You'll go faster and it's really easy.

You just have to follow three simple steps

  1. Click in the dotted menu button in the activity dashboard 
  2. Then select the day in which you want the new activity to start in the pop-up calendar
  3.  Now click "Copy activity" and a new activity will be create. Continue to select new dates in order to create more copies.

IMPORTANT: Super easy! When you copy an activity, all resources, designated team members, tasks etc... will be copied. The new activity will depend on the same activities as the original one, so before you copy it, check the float so see if the activity can be copied where you want to. However, Goals will not be copied as goals are specific from each activity. Also be aware that activities that used to depend on the origin activity will not depend on the new one.

Both original and copied activity are totally independent. So onces an activity has been copied you will be able to modify any one of its properties without affecting the original activity.

Have a great productive day! ;)